Inclusion Within Schools

Academic YearChildren EnrolledChildren IntegratedInclusion %
March – August 200727
2007 / 2008351028.6%
2008 / 2009401537.5%
2009 / 2010452044.4%
2010 / 2011482552%
2011 / 2012502754%

Inclusion Within Professional Workplace

Four of the center’s students are receiving training within the vocational rehabilitation department to prepare them for their professional duties. One of these students has received his training to be the Center’s Attendance Taker.

Delegated tasks include:

  • Taking the attendance roll of the Center’s students through individual class visits.
  • Taking the attendance roll of the Center’s Teaching Staff through individual class visits.
  • Photocopying, filing, dividing, managing and distributing work documents specific to center’s students.